Anglès 3r ESO


- Be and have got
- Comparative and superlative adjectives
- Pronoums and possessive adjectives
- Present simple
- Adverbs of degree
- Adverbs of frequency
- Present continuous
- Present simple and present continuous
- was, were, there was, there were
- Past simple
- Past continuous
- Much, many, a lot of
- Relative pronoums
- too, to much, too many, enough, not enough
- Present perfect: affirmative and negative
- Present perfect: regular and irregular verbs
- Study strategy: learning irregular verbs
- Present perfect: questions
- Present perfect +just
- Present perfect + still, yet and already
- Study strategy: making and memorizing rules
- For and since
- Present perfect and past simple
- Should and must
- Have to and and don’t have to
- Should, must and have to
- Study strategy: improving your english
- Will and might
- First conditional
- Be going to
- Will and be going to
- Present continuous for future arrangements
- Verbs + -ing/to
- Could, can, will be able to
- Second conditional
- Present and past passive: affirmative and negative
- Active to passive
- Present and past passive: questions

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